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Simple Keylogger

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1. Introduction

No installation, no administrator required. Works when program is opened. Can edit regedit to startup everytime windows boots. Saves into a text file which can be retrieved easily (No encryption). Source code can be edited to save logged file to a desired folder. Free. Undetectable by antivirus or antispyware programs!

2. Based on

3. How to use AutoHotkey?

4. Download & Run

5. Problem compiling file
When using AVG Antivirus, goto AVG > Tools > Advanced Settings > Resident Shield > Exception . Add the folder to avoid problem compiling scripts in AutoHotkey. Another method is to disable AVG Antivirus temporarily when compiling scripts. After completion, AVG Antivirus can be enabled back without problem.

6. Run program at startup using regedit
Run > Regedit > 

7. Change log file location
Replace keylog.txt to desired location
eg. c:\keylogger\keylog.txt
Tips : Save the texts into notepad and use - Edit > Replace > Replace All

8. Script
(athend) "hear is my keyloger it stores the name of the window that is open and all yeys pressed to a text document called keylog " Click 'Expand' for full script


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The best keylogger for Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit)

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